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I opened an Etsy Shop. What should I do next?


Hi! You are here because you’ve opened an Etsy Shop and you don’t know what to do next, right? The first set of articles that you want to bookmark and begin your reading adventure with is the Etsy Seller’s Handbook.

Whether you create jewelry, pottery, artwork, handbags or sell vintage clothing — this post is relevant to you. How do you market your shop and create an online presence so people know you exist!?  Being noticed is the key!  SEO  and social media platforms are two very important elements to business growth.

Etsy SEO (Search Engine Optimization) drives traffic to individual shops. You want to do your best to show up on the first beginning pages of those search results? How can you do this?  It’s all about the keywords and the order of those words. Keywords are words that simply describe your item in the best way possible. So, before you start writing your item titles and descriptions, learn the principles of Search Engine Optimization and find out what keywords to use. People can’t find your items without them! Especially think of keywords as they relate to your ideal customer. Would the sort of person you’re trying to sell to type in “colorful boho earrings” or “colorful gemstone earrings” or “cute colorful earrings”? The first few words are categories in the search side bars of Etsy that people use to help narrow their search. Think about it!

Important! Take great pictures. Than you can edit them online with free photo-editing tools. The rest is just using your artistic eye to create great shots!

Are You Paying Yourself Enough?  Learn tips on how to price your products in a way that accounts for your time and skill.

Then what? Now you can start promoting your Etsy shop through the social media.

Know at the beginning that making amazing products is only half the battle, the other half of your time will be making sure that the right people are aware of them. Social media can be overwhelming at times, but I assure you—it’s your friend.  I’ve found that the marketing part of owning a craft business is just as fun and creative as the making part.

Social media is not necessarily for sales as much as it is for traffic, getting word about your shop out and increasing the chances of getting found out by viral publications/social media superstars etc… TwitterTumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook are my highest referrals.

Now that you’ve learned a little more about SEO regarding tags and titles —you want to check out your shop stats to see what’s working for you!  It shows you where your traffic is coming from, what keywords are being searched, what items are being viewed, and more.  Use this as a gauge to see what’s popular and where your traffic is coming from.

I hope that this answered some of your “What next?” questions. Have patience! It takes a while to get established and start making sales and also to build your customer base, but it’s worth it! Wish you all the best!